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Why Business Etiquette Is Essential For Your Career Growth

Business etiquette is behaviours that are required and accepted in a business or profession. It is not only applicable to employees but also to members in leadership roles.

Why is business etiquette essential?

Many young professionals and leaders alike might think that business etiquette is outdated and underestimate the impact it could have on their professional lives. As a result, they often harm their professional reputation, career progression, and business relationships.

Business etiquette creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and professionalism in the workplace. How do you feel when co-workers or your boss don’t treat you with the necessary respect?

Business etiquette makes the office environment more productive and improves communication across the board. Feeling respected makes you feel better about your job and will translate into better customer relationships.

Why Business Etiquette Is Essential

Good Etiquette Goes Beyond The Office

There are other underestimated etiquette behaviours that can impact your chances of success. These are scenarios and instances where the way you conduct yourself can directly impact your professional life.

Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette, or a lack of it, can significantly influence your professional interactions, especially when you are networking with prospective business clients during lunch meetings or formal events.

You are being scrutinised on every level, and it’s quite possible that they will notice small things you may overlook. These are simple things like how you sit on your chair, chew your food, communicate while eating, and cutlery and napkin use during the different meal courses.

It pays to learn the proper dining etiquette to make a good impression on peers and business relations when you’re in a social setting.

Dressing Appropriately

Not all companies or business socials require the same attire. If you’re working in an office or at home every day but most of your time involves meeting clients or stakeholders, it goes without saying that you need to dress professionally.

However, if you work in a hybrid environment where team members are encouraged to dress casually to promote productivity, you certainly don’t have to dress in a business suit.

If you are unsure about the company’s dress code, instead of getting it wrong, ask your supervisor or manager what is expected of you, especially if you don’t have company-issued uniforms. At corporate events, your outfit and appearance are the first things people will notice.

There are different dress codes for different events and dining occasions. It is essential to make sure you always follow the proper dress code that fits the time, venue, and business theme.

Business Communication

How do you conduct yourself at business meetings, lunch appointments with clients, or when you host events? Your demeanour can make or break a potential business connection. There is a clear difference between a standard greeting and a greeting that encourages another individual to interact with you.

Business events and lunches offer the perfect opportunity to network, build new connections, and establish relationships with potential clients or sponsors. Remember to say please and thank you when appropriate. Always address others as Mrs, Miss, or Mr. unless otherwise requested. Make eye contact and smile when meeting new associates or potential clients.


Whether you’re attending a business meeting, staff lunch meeting, or formal event, being on time is a sign of respect. If you have a tendency to be late, it’s time to read up on some time management tips to help yourself get organised and show up on time.


Final Thoughts

Etiquette involves guidelines that show us how to conduct ourselves in different environments. It promotes consideration and humility, and gives us the confidence to handle different situations in both our personal and professional lives.

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