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Using A Self-Assessment To Reduce ‘Comparison Anxiety’

It seems that at every turn we are measuring ourselves against something, or worse, someone. Life of late appears to be a perpetual assessment of who we are so we can decide who we should be.

Every day there is something that reminds us of how much more we should do, both professionally and personally. This reminder can take many forms but is usually disguised as a necessary (unfortunately addictive) app on our phones… ahem… social media… ahem.

It can be difficult sometimes

It can be difficult waking up each morning to face a day where feeling somewhat inadequate and anxious are unwanted companions.

But is it fair to label wanting what others have as a bad or unhealthy thing?

What if this wanting makes us realise we can improve?

What if this improvement is necessary for us to live our best lives ever… and I am not referring to – here is me on my yacht with Champagne kind of life – although, if that’s where you are at, don’t be bashful – send me an invitation!

I am talking about benchmark of your best life ever regarding your; health, wealth, love and contribution to the world. Each person’s desires will be different. YOUR desires will be different.

An issue with the social media type of comparison is its unstructured nature. There are no set guidelines to help you understand where you really are in your journey and how to get to your destination, without taking years to achieve it.

You could be further ahead in the game of life than you think.

Measuring your everyday life against the snapshot of someone else’s celebration is a recipe for disappointment, discontent and even depression.

Put that on a T-shirt!

But what if through benchmarking yourself, in a guided way, you are able to do better because now you know better?

Self-assessment is one of the main ways I am able to do better and it continues to be a critical motivator for achieving my goals but I measure myself against ME… against MY own previous successes and failures.

Although I am aware of the accomplishments of others and keep current on all that is happening around me, I keep focused on what I want and how far I have travelled in my own journey.

As a result, I am able to celebrate my wins, even the wins that seem insignificant to others. They are my accomplishments and that makes them significant to me. This realisation makes me feel less anxious about how much I still want to achieve.

This is why I continue to assess myself and this is why I recommend a unique assessment for you to use, as many times as you like. Use it to benchmark your own progress not someone else’s… and the best part? – it’s free!

Still not convinced? It took me a while too because I thought…

Can assessing yourself really help?

The experts have stated on numerous occasions that it all comes down to one thing – MINDSET. According to them, our mindset is what we use to label ourselves as great or inadequate. Our mindset is what convinces us that we can’t possibly achieve what others have because we don’t have the skills or the intelligence or the resources… so we give up before we can win.

Maybe they have a point but in the past, I couldn’t see it. To me MINDSET meant:








…Yes, I have come a long way.

But what if you really do need to look internally to gain all your desires externally?

Even if you have the right mindset, it doesn’t always equate to achieving your goals because it requires you to act on that mindset.

Although taking action is necessary to accomplish what you want, taking the right action is crucial in achieving your heart’s desires.

To take the right action, you need to know where you are, where you want to be, and have a compass to guide you along the way. YOU get to choose the actual route you take.

But how do you know if the route you have chosen is the correct one?

The truth is, you never fully do… you take it one step at a time. Through a better understanding of your current capabilities, which are then mapped against a robust compass, you will be better equipped at making a choice that is best for you.

Assessing yourself can help with this process.

It is important that you know your starting point.

Spoiler alert and shameless plug… try this amazing assessment today! – did I mention it’s FREE?!

Ok, but what’s in it for me?

Although this assessment is not the only way to benchmark yourself, it is a good way to give you an overview of where you are in your professional and personal journey.

There is a series of questions spanning nine areas:

  1. Personal Brand
  2. Demeanour
  3. Personal Style
  4. Physical
  5. Mental
  6. Emotional
  7. Profession
  8. Finance
  9. Future

Answering these questions will help you understand where you need to focus your efforts to be a more well-rounded person… not as in the – I need to go to the gym type of round – just saying…

You can take the assessment as many times as you like to track your improvement, as you continue along your journey to living your best life ever.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.


This video will give you the inside look at an assessment tool you can use to benchmark your potential for creating life on your terms… and the best part – It’s FREE!

It takes the right mindset and the associated actions to make your dreams a reality. It is easier to believe the things you want are too far out of reach.

I knew the feeling very well and sometimes it still confronts me when I want to achieve something ‘big’.

The key was, is and will continue to be the same – know where you are in the process, know where you want to be, hold on to a good compass and take one step at a time.

The Assessment to benchmark your success can help you take a step in the right direction.

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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