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The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence

The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence is a framework for analysing the elements necessary for an individual or company to achieve a reputation synonymous with excellence.

It provides answers to why some people are considered inspirational or why some companies are able to sustain consistent, long-term profitability.

It is useful for helping you to take advantage of every opportunity and progress in the current environment. It is applied by mapping your individual or organisation’s character to various elements grouped into three main sections:

  • Identity
  • Connection
  • Status

Each of these forces is used to Enrich your current situation, so you (or a company) can Evolve beyond your present boundaries and Enhance the imminent stage before repeating the process.

By striving to achieve excellence in all that you do, you gain greater respect, success and fulfilment in your professional and personal life. It becomes easier to create lucrative and rewarding relationships with others so you are supported in accomplishing your goals. By mastering what you need to do to achieve results beyond your current limits, you make the right decisions, at the right time, that positively impact everyone involved.



Identity is the first of the three forces within the Three Forces in Achieving Excellence. Your identity is your unique stamp on the world and the core of who you are as a person.

There are numerous factors that shape your identity; your characteristics, interests, capabilities, experiences, beliefs and the impact of other people in your life. All these factors influence who you are, the unique individual that you are.

As you continue to progress in life, your identity may change with newly acquired knowledge and experiences. It is essential to develop a robust but flexible identity, as it not only defines who you are but also the direction you go in life.

Your identity will define how you present yourself to the world in every aspect of your life. The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence addresses the concept of Identity in three elements:

  • Personal Brand:
    Your personal brand is a strong indication of the best you have to offer. When you display a robust and consistent personal brand, your unique promise of your value precedes you and positively impacts your rate of success. Personal branding supports you in differentiating yourself. You are the most important selling point of who you are, and what you can offer to others. Your personal brand should not be an inauthentic persona as it is not about positioning yourself as someone different. It should be a true reflection of all that is you.

  • Demeanour:
    The way you communicate, the etiquette you display and the behaviours exhibit, all play a fundamental role in the demeanour you project. A good demeanour is essential for establishing trust, credibility and respect. It is the cornerstone of maintaining integrity and involves your manner both verbal and non-verbal. It comprises your general personality e.g. the way you stand, talk, use facial expressions, etc.

  • Personal Style:
    One of the most important aspects of how people feel about themselves is revealed through personal appearance. It showcases your character and can boost your confidence if what you wear makes you feel good. Self Confidence is critical to success and well-groomed people look confident, even if they may not always feel that way. Your personal style is unique to you and can be used as a powerful tool to differentiate yourself from others.


Connection is the second of the three forces within the Three Forces in Achieving Excellence. Your connection to yourself, others and things are an innate part of who you are as a human being and will impact every aspect of your persona.

Healthy connections positively impact your wellbeing, boost your creativity and ignite your inspiration. Your connections are the building blocks of your experiences and memories.

No person is an island. Strong connections create a solid foundation for lasting relationships that give you support and direction during your lifetime to accomplish your goals.

Your connections will influence your level of success and ability to progress both in your personal and professional life. The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence addresses the concept of Connection in three elements:

  • Physical:
    Physical health is a crucial part of your overall health and wellbeing. It is not just about doing physical activity. Your nutrition, how much sleep and sunshine you get daily, your posture, how frequently you take breaks and your ability to recover from disease and injury, all play a major role in your level of physical health. Good physical health is fundamental to how well you can perform and support your relationships at work and life in general. It can affect your mood, ability to think clearly, analyse problems correctly, make decisions quickly and generate ideas intuitively.

  • Mental:
    Just as food nourishes the body, learning feeds the mind. Things are constantly changing and learning becomes crucial to maintain momentum with the connection to yourself, others and things in your environment. Learning keeps you current, accelerates your ability to progress and prepares you for the challenges of change. In the modern world, learning fuels enviable problem-solving skills, decision-making capabilities and the ability to generate unique ideas. Learning can take many forms, be acquired in many ways and be accessed at any time. You should incorporate learning into your life to ensure you are always ahead of the curve.

  • Emotional:
    Having good emotional health supports your ability to accept and manage your feelings through uncertainty as cultivating beneficial habits makes you more responsive, rather than reactive. There are potential emotional stressors around every corner. When you practice maintaining a healthy emotional lifestyle you will be better able to handle life’s challenges. Identifying and tapping into your sources of inspiration, cultivating supportive relationships and establishing beneficial routines all help to nurture your emotional wellbeing.


Status is the third of the three forces within the Three Forces in Achieving Excellence. Your status can have a direct impact on your quality of life.

Although your status is not the only factor that determines your happiness, it plays an important role in the options you have available to you, the resources you can access and the lifestyle you can experience.

Your status can free you from the stresses of insufficient finances to meet your monetary commitments and provide the time and freedom to contribute in a way that only you can.

Your status will impact your degree of financial stability, the resources you have to pursue your passions and the legacy you can create for the benefit of future generations. The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence addresses the concept of Status in three elements:

  • Profession:
    Being content with your career is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance as most people spend a significant amount of their waking and productive hours at work. Successful professionals who can optimise their work are less likely to suffer from stress and burnout. It is important to understand how to navigate the maze that is called ‘business’. By understanding what you need to master in your professional world, you can increase your success, accelerate your progress and even be an inspiration to others along the way.

  • Finance:
    Having financial discipline and good financial skills improves your quality of life in many ways. Money in isolation may not make you happy, but it can help to solve problems that could otherwise lower your happiness. Achieving a certain level of financial health can help reduce the anxiety and stress you can feel when money is scarce. Creating a healthy financial portfolio can be complex but understanding at least the basics, can mean a better life for you and your loved ones.

  • Future:
    Although focusing on living and enjoying the present should be your main goal, it is important to plan for the future. It helps you anticipate problems, cope with change and improve your psychological wellbeing. People who think more broadly about their future actions and the consequences tend to behave in more pro-social ways. Your present is the space you create the roadmap for your future and your future is the place that will impact you and every life you will touch.

Enrich, Evolve, Enhance

This is an iterative process because you should strive to conquer your limitations and expand your boundaries. Use each of these forces to:

  • Enrich your current situation. We all have to start from somewhere. Start from where you are and do the best that you can with the resources you have.

  • Evolve beyond your present boundaries. As the creator of your own limitations, you have control over how limiting or liberating your life can be.

  • Enhance your new situation. You may need to initially tweak the new situation to suit your circumstance before it becomes your new norm and can be enriched.

Rinse and repeat the process…

An assessment aligned with this framework has been created to help you benchmark your current situation by measuring the various elements where you exceed, meet or fall short in your capability to progress and succeed in your professional and personal life.


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The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence framework provides a clear roadmap for you to achieve outcomes beyond your limiting beliefs, inspire others along the way and develop the reputation of being a person of excellence in all that you do.

Use the course – Achieving Professional Excellence – as the ultimate roadmap to master being a person of excellence!

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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