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Raise Your Profile By Making a Powerful Impact On Co-workers

In today’s world, the goal of standing out from the competition at the office is more of a challenge than ever before.

Despite this, there are many strategies that you can use to raise your profile and become a top contender for promotion at work by making a powerful impact on your co-workers.

Let’s look at strategies you can put to immediate use when dealing with your colleagues to ensure you achieve your goal of fueling your career progression.


Be good at your job

Let your reputation precede you. Be SO good that you can’t be ignored as actions will always speak louder than words. This will lead to being labelled by your colleagues as the ‘go-to’ person to get the job done and make you the expert in your field. This sort after label can open doors to lucrative opportunities.


Be reliable

Being reliable builds your credibility. If your colleagues cannot rely on you to get the job done they will not believe your words as your words will not align with your actions. This will cause a breakdown in trust and ultimately damage your credibility with peers.


Share your knowledge

When you share knowledge you are indirectly saying: ‘I AM confident in who I am, in what I bring to the table, and helping you will not jeopardise or challenge that in any way’. A great side effect of helping others is that your profile becomes more visible and you may be seen as the go-to person in the organisation.


Ensure your meetings are productive

There are many moving parts that must work correctly to ensure meetings are truly successful. However, the basics should never be underestimated. These include being properly prepared, arriving on time, inviting only those relevant to the meeting, sticking to the topics outlined in the agenda, and providing adequate follow-up instructions.


Have friends at work but avoid very close relationships

Having friends at work can increase job satisfaction and productivity but avoid very close friendships. You don’t need to be best friends to get along and get the job done. In the workplace, there will always be an element of competitiveness as a result of limited income and promotion opportunities.


Be mindful of revealing too much personal information

This needs no explanation. Keep your personal information private. It can be used against you and may damage your professional credibility. Also, constantly complaining about how stressed out you are because of personal issues, will lead your manager to believe you can’t cope with your job and start assigning career-advancing tasks to your colleagues.


Avoid office drama and gossip

The office environment is small, in fact, smaller than you think. Don’t say anything about someone that you cannot say to them in person. The other person may be well-liked by your peers and the word will get around that you are not trustworthy in maintaining discretion.


Take it offline when giving negative feedback

No one likes to feel embarrassed in public. This double-edged sword also shows you in a negative light. It indicates you do not have the skills to resolve disagreements in a professional manner. Manage conflict and negative feedback offline unless you need to address your peers as a group for a shared issue, e.g. under-performing as a team.

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But what about the people who are usually overlooked in the workplace?

Support staff… people such as security, reception, kitchen, and cleaning staff…

Because their contribution may be seen by some as not having a direct impact on the success of the business, they are not always treated with the same level of consideration as professional office staff.

There are many real-world examples where professional workers have been embarrassingly rude to support staff. The secret is that these are the people who know a lot of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’. Because they are sometimes rendered invisible, they know many of an organisation’s secrets that the office staff doesn’t.

It is to your advantage to have a good relationship with support staff and it is the right thing to do as a human being. Acknowledge their presence and comply with the rules they need to follow, e.g. signing into the office before you start work. What is an annoyance for you may be a metric they must achieve to keep their jobs.

This video will give you tips on how to be more professional with peers, so you can gain their cooperation, win their respect and make getting what you want at the office, a whole lot easier. Watch this video to know exactly what to do when interacting with co-workers!

Opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door, sometimes it takes a little extra work to get noticed and reap the rewards… something that could be worth it in the end…

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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