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Motivation, Influence and Inspiration – Boost Your Professional Life Far Beyond Your Expectations!

What you don’t do CAN hurt you…

There are many traits you can develop to improve your life and help you achieve your goals as successfully as those you admire.
Today we dissect three crucial characteristics you must master if you want your success to jump to the next level and keep jumping…
Motivation. This is the stimulus or incentive for someone to change. It can be forceful and is considered a push strategy.
Influence and persuasion. Both are about convincing someone to do what you want them to do but they are not the same. Persuasion is more direct and encourages a person to take action, regardless of their vested interest. Influence is an indirect approach to achieving the desired goal while the other person believes it was their idea.
Inspiring others. This trait is usually associated with your character and is innate to YOUR identity. A person who inspires not only believes in themselves but also believes in the capabilities of others. An inspirational person is uplifting and makes others feel that anything is possible, it can be considered a passive or pull strategy.
The key to using, Motivation. Influence. Inspiration. to your advantage, is knowing when and how to implement them to leverage the capabilities of others…


The when and how of the matter

Use motivation to get people going, especially with mundane jobs and where outcomes are quantifiable and measurable e.g. hitting the target for the total number of sales closed in a week.
  • Understand their needs
    To motivate others successfully, it is vital to understand the needs of others first. In this way, you can implement their ideal motivator e.g. not everyone is motivated by financial rewards so you may discover that you get a better outcome by providing recognition, time off from work, or giving additional responsibility.

  • Set them up for success when giving additionally responsibility
    • Give additional responsibility that involves more interesting and creative aspects of a task rather than ‘just more’ of the same duties i.e. vertical (not lateral) tasks.
    • It is important to be transparent about the process and clearly communicate the expected effort, how it will be measured, and when the incentive will be awarded.
Use influence (and persuasion) to get people on board with an important task or project that requires team effort e.g. launching a new product or service.
  • Be the expert
    Your degree of influence will be easier if you are perceived as the expert, thought leader or have unique skills. However, you can still be influential with limited experience if you have good communication skills and can provide a different perspective on a problem.

  • Explain the benefits
    Highlight the benefits and gains to the other person for doing the action. Similar to motivation, ensure it is a benefit and gain that appeals to the other person, otherwise, the incentive will not be a strong enough reason for them to be influenced.

  • Show the consequences of no action
    Refer to the losses of the missed opportunity if the action is not performed i.e. highlight the consequences if no action is taken when others have already received the benefit from taking the same action.

  • Explain how to do it
    Explain the whole process for doing the action and use encouraging words with emphasis that the person can achieve the outcome, whether or not they believe they can. This will help the other person to see that the required effort is not as monumental as they initially believed.

  • Remove uncertainty
    Finally, address all concerns and questions. This prevents misunderstanding, reduces errors, and eases any fears or concerns about the situation.

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A vital characteristic of an inspirational person is having a positive outlook on life. You need a positive mindset to achieve positive things, or at least to enjoy the journey. This trait draws people into who you are as a person and make them want to emulate you.
  • Be visionary
    Have a clear but adaptable vision for the future. Knowing what you want, and taking the necessary steps to get it, regardless of how small those steps are but at the same time, being open to change can be of great encouragement to others.

  • Be respectable
    Have a respectable, dependable character and be able to accept and implement constructive criticism as these characteristics are fundamental to people who inspire others.

  • Be a good communicator
    This goes without saying, have excellent communication and presentation skills. This ensures that all who follow you are on board and are all moving in the same direction… forward.

This video will give you the tips to motivate others in the workplace, influence your co-workers and be an inspiration at office. Understand what motivational, influential and inspirational people do to be perceived in this way.

You don’t have to be great to do great things

As humans, we crave more from life than just existing in the world. You can motivate, influence and inspire others regardless of your position within an organization or society e.g. being passionate in ALL that you do, ‘great or small’. Passion, like a smile, is infectious and adds joy to everything you do.

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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