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Do This When You Need To Upgrade Your Skills!

Progression is a part of human nature. Everything progresses in one way or another. When you don’t progress, life becomes stagnant and your wellbeing suffers.

Learning is crucial to your progress as it keeps you mentally fit, adaptable to change and relevant to your chosen profession.

Being proactive with your learning increases your capabilities, contribution and confidence. It lessens stress, enhances relationships and creates a greater sense of fulfilment…

As a professional, it increases your earning potential, career prospects and work-life balance.

We all learn in different ways and at different speeds so there is no one correct way to learn.

However, there is a balance or ‘mix’ to your learning strategy that you should adopt if you want to have what it takes to progress and stand out in today’s world.

If you want to be versatile and successful in your learning journey, it is important to understand:

  • The components that make up ‘the mix’
  • How you can acquire the knowledge for each component
  • The benefits of each component

The components of the mix to your learning strategy:

Your learning efforts should enhance your skills across five main components:

  • General: skills used in a professional and personal setting e.g. knowing desktop applications like Word. These are skills that are needed by most organisations across various industries within the business world but these skills are also used in your personal life.

  • Intra-role: skills specific to the role that you do or are interested in doing e.g. role specific programs such as CRM for sales roles and accounting packages for financial roles.

  • Intra-organisation: skills specific to the organisation but not to the industry or role that you perform e.g. proprietary software used by the company.
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  • Intra-industry: skills specific to the industry, i.e. required by multiple organisations within a particular industry, e.g. a platform shared by the organisations within the same industry.
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  • Intra-business: skills specific to business in general, regardless of organisation or industry but not usually used in a personal setting, e.g. general business market trend analysis and reports.
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In this blog, we will cover the first two components – General and Intra-role skills.

General skills

These are systems that are considered general knowledge and can be used both in your professional and personal life, e.g. desktop applications like Word.

The benefits of having General skills:

  • Increase your transferable skills.
    General systems are used in most companies within any industry. Being well versed in these can increase your contribution to an employer and widen your options for employment opportunities. The more transferable skills you have, the broader will be your pool of options for employment and promotion because these skills are usually a requirement by employers.

  • Increase your visibility at work.
    You will have the option to train others or become the ‘go-to’ person in your organisation. This can raise your professional profile at your company and create greater opportunities for career advancement.


How you can acquire the knowledge for General skills:

  • Self-help methods, e.g. books and courses. There is so much valuable, easy-to-access, and low-cost information out there covering any topic of choice. There is no longer an excuse to be ignorant.

  • Formal training (in-class and online). Similar to self-help methods, there are a plethora of training options available on many topics.

  • Having a growth mindset to various forms of informal learning. Informal learning can come in many forms and at any time. Remaining open to learning in this way can help you capitalise on any opportunity that comes your way.

Intra-role skills

These are systems that are not general but specific to your role or the roles you are interested in. These include accounting software if you work in the finance department, or CRM programs if you are in sales. Being proficient in these systems will give you unique skills.

The benefits of having Intra-role skills:

  • An addition to your USP.
    Your USP or unique selling point is the way you differentiate yourself from the competition. Anything that adds to your USP will give you a competitive advantage in the professional world.

  • Increase your productivity.
    Understanding how the systems in your company work, will have a direct positive impact on your level of productivity and therefore your ability to achieve your targets.

  • Increase your credibility.
    As with general systems, you will be perceived as a subject matter expert or the ‘go-to’ person to resolve issues that require the use of the system. This will increase your visibility at your company which can create new opportunities.

How you can acquire the knowledge for
Intra-role skills

  • Similar to General learning, knowledge can be acquired by using self-help methods and training.

  • On-the-job learning. Leverage all that your company has to offer. This may be in the form of your company’s intranet, internal L&D initiatives, or tapping into the expertise of your work colleagues.

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Making it happen

Progression is a natural part of life and learning never ends.

You need to create opportunities within your profession to learn as it; increases your earning potential, creates greater job satisfaction, and improves your quality of life.

Learn strategically to ensure you have a balanced mix in your learning portfolio and keep writing your success story!

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