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Do This When You Need ‘Intra-industry’ Skills!

Learning is vital for your career progression. Therefore, it is crucial to use a robust strategy when acquiring new knowledge to achieve your professional goals.

When learning, learn ‘correctly’ by learning strategically. Part of learning strategically means ensuring you have the correct ‘mix’ in your learning portfolio.

Simply put, your learning portfolio reflects the span of your knowledge and the application of that knowledge over a period of time.

If you want to be versatile and successful in your learning journey, it is important to understand:

  • The components that make up ‘the mix’
  • The benefits of each component
  • How you can acquire the knowledge for each component

components of the mix to your learning strategy:

Your learning efforts should enhance your skills across five main components: 

  • General: skills that are needed by most organisations across various industries within the business world but these skills are also used in your personal life, e.g. desktop applications like Microsoft Word.
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  • Intra-organisation: skills specific to the organisation but not to the industry or role that you perform, e.g. proprietary software used by the company in another department.
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  • Intra-industry: skills specific to most or all organisations in a single industry, e.g. specialty online platforms.

In this blog we will cover the component – Intra-industry skills i.e. skills in demand by multiple organisations but these organisations belong to a single industry, e.g. speciality software or information shared by the organisations within an industry.

The benefits of having Intra-industry skills:

  • Increase your transferable skills
    You can increase your transferable skills across multiple organisations within your industry. Better transferable skills will increase the contribution you can make to any organisation in your industry, which will make you a more desirable option for employment, e.g. by becoming a ‘superuser’ of a propriety platform used within your industry, you can be perceived as the expert. This will raise your profile in the industry and boost your productivity as you can take advantage of features unknown to others.

  • Ignite industry transformation
    You can create opportunities for yourself to ignite industry transformation.
    Beyond the contribution of implementing an improvement in your organization, as with intra-organisational systems, you could be the one to recommend a concept that transforms the way the industry operates, e.g. when the airline industry turned its old price model on its head by making the cost of a plane ticket more expensive, the less time there is between the booking and the travel dates.

How you can acquire Intra-industry skills:

  • Speak with your HR or L&D department
    They usually have their pulse on the latest and most demanded skills in your industry. They will be able to advise on which skills are highly relevant and which skills are lacking in the candidate pool for future roles.

  • Network, network, network… and then network some more
    Attend industry events and seminars, be active in online forums or your company’s intranet, etc. These methods provide valuable insight into what is currently happening or of greatest concern within your industry.
  • Find a good mentor
    A mentor can help you with exploring your career path, establishing goals, developing contacts, and even making out-of-reach resources available. A mentor will have more in-depth experience in your field or profession and can help shorten the learning curve to your success. Their guidance can significantly speed up the rate of your progress… an advantage you will want to pursue.

Want to know what to do to be the best in your profession, stand out at the office, or progress at work so you can get that promotion, boost your career growth or get ahead in business? This video will give you what you must do to learn the smart way by leveraging your intra-industry learning. Use it to level up your knowledge about your industry so you can build lucrative connections and open doors to enviable opportunities… with ease!

Making it happen

Progression is a natural part of life and learning never ends.

You need to create opportunities within your profession to learn as it; increases your capabilities, creates greater job satisfaction and betters your quality of life.

Learn strategically to ensure you have a balanced mix in your learning portfolio and keep writing your success story!

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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