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Achieving Professional Excellence… Stress-Free

Choosing a journey towards achieving professional excellence requires courage and staying on course to achieve your dreams is a challenge that never seems to be satisfied.

The difference between success and failure can be determined by how confident you are in making decisions.
High performers take immediate action towards their goals.
As a professional or entrepreneurial person with an internal desire to achieve greater success, fulfilment and respect in the business world, you must keep moving forward.

The temptations are real

Staying focused can feel impossible in today’s world with all the distractions of modern life constantly bombarding you.

The temptation to give up and binge watch your favourite series again seems like a great option. Yes, I’m talking to you… you know who you are.

Especially in a time like this, good is no longer good enough. These days almost every person you meet is trying to be good or achieve some form of it. The question is – are you trying to be one more in the category of good or do you want to stand out from the rest?

If you truly want to make a difference, personally and professionally, you must discard the notion of being good… you need to become great. Achieving excellence is the fuel for achieving greatness.

Achieving professional excellence is important because having a fulfilling career directly impacts your quality of life. How you earn a living is a big part of what shapes your identity.

Your work can provide mental and emotional stimulation as well as wealth which enable you to buy stuff comfort and feel financially secure.

…And what is the best ‘side effect’ of your aspiration towards professional excellence?

It creates a ripple effect that positively affects others around you… even the ones who don’t deserve your awesomeness, but that’s a noble thing right? Right?

So, just how do you achieve this sometimes elusive goal of ‘excellence’…

The good news… Achieving professional excellence is attainable because it involves behaviours that can be learnt.

The ‘come on, is there another way?’ news… it involves determination, dedication and discipline.

Let’s look at what it takes to become a person associated with the term EXCELLENCE…

The Three Forces in Achieving Excellence

The most systematic way to accomplish ‘excellence’ is by taking responsibility to continually enrich, evolve and enhance three main forces (areas) in your life.
1. Your Identity
2. Your Connections
3. Your Status
Your identity is the core of who you are, it is your billboard advertising you as the brand. There are numerous factors that contribute to, and shape your identity.
People, experiences, your own belief system, attitudes and things from your birth all the way to your present influence who you are – the unique individual that you are.
As you continue to progress in life, your identity may change in relation to newly acquired knowledge and experiences. It is essential to develop a robust but flexible identity as it defines how you present yourself to the world.
Do you know how you are perceived by others? Hint: if even your pet is avoiding you, you may want to rethink your strategy… just saying.

Focus on achieving excellence in the area of your Identity to steer the direction you want to go in life



Your connections are an innate part of who you are as a human being. Your connection to things, others and yourself help shape and define who you are as an individual.
The connections you make will influence every aspect of your persona.
Strong connections create a solid foundation for lasting relationships to give you support in the good times and bad. During occasions of celebration and situations of despair but most of all they are the building blocks of your experiences and memories.
Healthy connections can positively impact your wellbeing, boost your creativity and ignite your inspiration.
The connections you make in your lifetime can truly impact your level of success and ability to progress both in your personal and professional life.
When last have you made a meaningful connection? Hint: that influencer you followed so they could follow you back doesn’t count.
Focus on achieving excellence in the area of your Connections to support the direction you want to go in life.

Status here refers to the major elements that affect your standard of living.
Your status can have a direct impact on your quality of life and therefore your happiness.
Happiness is a fundamental emotion that is worth the pursuit.
Your status is an important factor that determines your happiness as it plays an important role in the options you have available to you, the resources you can access and the lifestyle you can experience.
Having an acceptable level of status can free you from the stresses of insufficient finances. This allows you to meet your monetary commitments and provide the time and freedom to contribute in a way that only you can.
A stable financial foundation gives you the space to pursue your passions and create a legacy for the benefit of future generations.
When last have you done something you were passionate about? Hint: if you can’t remember, then it’s either been too long or way too long.
Focus on achieving excellence in the area of your Status to finance the direction you want to go in life.


Do you have the spark of excitement?

People living with a mediocre mindset search for shortcuts and avoid the amount of hard work it requires to complete a task. They are apprehensive to push themselves beyond their limitations so never live up to their true potential.
On the other hand, there are people who have the spark of excitement needed for achieving excellence and let nothing hold them back from displaying their greatness.
Which one are you?
Take a step forward in your path to success.

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… remember, stay curious and keep learning.
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