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12 Reasons to Simplify Your Space and Mind

The modern-day trend of ‘more is better’ seems to constantly challenge the idea of a simplified life. However, many are moving away from a life of clutter and chaos to one that is simpler and more supportive of their wellbeing.

Let’s look at the benefits of simplifying or decluttering your life so you can improve your health and be more productive at work.

Reasons to simplify or declutter your personal space

1. Better organization

Be it at home or work, simplifying your space means fewer ‘things’ to keep orderly. Especially with small spaces, having a place for everything makes it easier to locate items when needed.

2. Improve sleep

When you have less to arrange, organize, manage and coordinate; it translates to less worry about all that is waiting to be done, so you can relax. Simplifying your space in this way has been shown to lower negative mental states like depression and anxiety.

3. Better time management

Do you find yourself regularly trying to find a needle in your haystack of clutter? Much time can be lost by searching through the mess of a congested place to locate items you desperately need but can’t remember where it was last placed. By simplifying your space, you will spend less time looking for things.

4. Greater productivity and creativity

A more simplified space can make it easier to focus on the task at hand. Working in a minimalist environment means less distraction as fewer obstacles are pulling your attention away from your goals.

5. Improve air quality

simplified space means less dust and better circulation of air because you will have fewer items for the dust to settle and more ‘free’ space for fresh air to flow. This also helps to get rid of unpleasant odours more easily.

6. Potential to make money

When simplifying your space, selling unwanted items can generate additional income. What is your trash, maybe someone else’s treasure. Also, by making the effort to sell your saleable items rather than dumping them, you are saving the planet from having to accommodate additional waste. It’s a win-win-win for all.

Reasons to simplify or declutter your mind

1. Avoid decision fatigue

Decision fatigue is the deterioration of our ability to make good decisions after a long session of decision-making. ‘Little’ decisions throughout your day, e.g. what to wear or what to have for lunch, all add to creating decision fatigue. Simplify your mind by automating as many small decisions as you can e.g. create a signature look or have a meal plan for the week.

2. Improve sleep

Just as simplifying your space can help with sleep, simplifying your mind will do the same. One way to do this is to consider planning daily decisions the night before. It may relieve mental stress knowing that you have a clear road map of how your day will unfold based on the tasks you want to accomplish. Also, by planning at night, you tap into your brain’s ‘ideal time’ to discover a solution because your busy thoughts are not getting in the way of the discovery process.

3. Be more successful

Have you ever spent the whole day avoiding something, only to spend that day worrying about having to do it? Simplify your mind by doing the most challenging or important thing first. The start of the day is when your energy and focus are at their highest, so leverage them. It can also be motivating knowing that you have accomplished your biggest and most complex tasks early in the day. This alone provides an enormous mental relief.

4. Remain committed

You make many decisions throughout your day so why not find a way to simplify the mental process to ensure you remain committed to those decisions. Make appointments, not decisions. Scheduled time for tasks the way you would appointments with people. This is a form of calendar blocking and can be instrumental in ensuring you meet your obligations for the day.

5. Operate optimally

By incorporating calming mental exercises at the required times, you can simplify your mind and create the space it needs to recharge e.g. for during the second half of your day. If you must make decisions later in the day, ensure you have eaten, you are hydrated and take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe with purpose before tackling your tasks.

6. Speed and ease

A mind that is not cluttered can accomplish tasks, solve problems, create alternatives and tap into inspiration with greater speed and ease. Simplify your mind by reducing or getting rid of any unnecessary things in your life that consume your peace of mind e.g. pointless tasks and unsupportive or toxic people.

Want to know why you should declutter your space and your mind so you can enjoy the benefits of minimalist living? This video will give you 12 reasons to simplify your life and tips to declutter your mind so you get the motivation to eliminate clutter to have an organized personal space, calmer mind and Zen lifestyle.

There are numerous reasons to practice and remain committed to simplifying your space, mind, and life. Don’t wait… your wellbeing and happiness depend on it.

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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