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10 Meeting Etiquette Rules You Must Use For Successful Meetings

At work, you are being assessed all the time. Displaying proper meeting etiquette is beneficial to your career because a large quantity of your professional time will be spent at meetings.


Good meeting etiquette allows you to…


Promote your visibility

Following proper meeting etiquette is an important factor in enhancing your personal brand and raising your professional profile. Like goodwill to accompany, these are intangible assets you can use to progress in the corporate world.


Leverage the capabilities of others

Meetings can be used to leverage the capabilities of others to get jobs done and projects completed. By using proper meeting etiquette, people will be more willing to assist you with your requests as you would have given them the respect and consideration they deserve.

Let’s look at 5 meeting etiquette rules you should use when attending meetings and 5 rules when hosting meetings…

Meeting etiquette as an attendee…


1. Never be late for a meeting

This shows a lack of respect for the time of others. We are all busy and unless the circumstances are beyond your control, being late for your meetings will impact how dependable others perceive you to be e.g. making important decisions.

2. Arrive prepared

This is an important trait regarding proper meeting etiquette. It will show that you are good at prioritising tasks which builds your credibility. Others will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say and your contribution will be taken more seriously when you arrive prepared.

3. Be receptive and positive to new ideas

Even if you feel an idea may not work, aspects of an unusual idea may be usable and even necessary to get to the next step of the solution. Keep flexible with your thinking, especially if the meeting is a brainstorming session.

4. Resist the urge to be reactive or critical

This is valuable when displaying appropriate meeting etiquette. We are all unique in our thoughts, beliefs, and values. Therefore, the approach to situations used by others may be different from yours. Avoid judgement from behind the lens of your own uniqueness.

5. If you raise a problem, supplement it with a solution

This shows that you are not just someone who brings problems to the table for others to solve. Displaying proactive, solution-oriented behaviours is characteristic of a good leader. This trait will not go unnoticed and can open the door to opportunities for promotion.

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Meeting etiquette as a host…


1. Only create meetings that are necessary

Don’t create meetings for the sake of it. Otherwise, people will get used to declining your meetings and may continue to do so in the future…even when your meeting is relevant and important.

2. Invite only relevant persons

It is appropriate meeting etiquette and ensures you have the correct audience at your meetings, too many people and the meeting becomes difficult to manage, too few people and you may not have the attendance of key people, such as the decision-makers.

3. Have a robust agenda and communicate it before the meeting

A good agenda ensures the meeting stays on track, everyone knows what is required of them and participants get their desired outcome. The agenda should contain all relevant details e.g. alternate ways of reaching the host should the main contact details fail.

4. Communicate the expected rules that attendees must follow

An important meeting etiquette rule is to communicate your expectations at the start to make it easier to control interruptions during the session. Ensure all attendees are clear on the required procedure e.g. putting all phones on silent, the timing for raising a point or asking questions.

5. Practice good time management

Start and end meetings at the agreed time. We live in a world where most people are time-starved. By starting and ending your meetings on time, you display good time management skills and respect for the time of others. People will be more willing to attend your meetings because they know that the agreed duration of the meeting will be precise.

And remember… leave the meeting room tidy, even if you did not meet it that way. This is a simple point that is often overlooked but has a big impact on your character as a professional.

This video will show you how to behave in a meeting, the codes of conduct for meetings and the manners to display at in-person meetings to influence others. Watch this video to discover exactly how to use meeting etiquette to make an impact at your meetings!

By frequently displaying these 10 meeting etiquette tips your meetings will be both productive and successful.

The appropriate conference call meeting etiquette you should follow is covered in the blog: 10 conference call etiquette rules you should follow as a host.

… remember, stay curious and keep learning.

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